HSBC Business Mobile Banking

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Securely access and manage your business accounts, from the palm of your hand.

At a glance

  • View your balances and recent transactions, including next day transactions on all your HSBC UK business accounts
  • View and cancel standing orders and direct debits
  • Make transfers between your accounts and make payments to both new and existing payees**
  • Scan and instantly deposit cheques securely to save you time
  • Access your account using Smart security with biometric log on

Key benefits

  • Save time by scanning and securely depositing your cheques
  • Control your finances on the move from your Apple® or Android® device
  • Log in securely without having to use your security device
  • Make payments to new and existing payees**
  • Biometric logon

**Depending on a number of external factors (such as device make and model and individual device settings), a very small number of customers may encounter issues making payments on the mobile app. If you experience any issues, we recommend making the payment using Business Internet Banking. If you'd like to report the issue you can contact our dedicated helpline and we may be able to help you resolve it.

0345 602 2014

Lines are open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Getting started

Download the app

Visit the App Store® or GooglePlay® store to download the HSBC UK Business Banking app now.

We have verified the compatibility of these mobile devices and their most recent operating systems for use with the HSBC Business Banking mobile app. To ensure that you get optimal use of the services available in this mobile app, update your smartphone's operating system regularly.

Easy to log in

The app gives you the choice of how you log in – either with or without your security device.

With your security device If you prefer to log in using your security device, simply use the same security details as you do for Business Internet Banking. Without your security device If you'd like the freedom of being able to log in anywhere, without needing to use your security device, you’ll first need to set up an access code via your Business Internet Banking account. Then simply enter your access code, along with your Business Internet Banking password, any time you want to log in and manage your accounts from the app.

Setting up your access code

By setting up an access code, you can log in to the HSBC UK Business Banking app without having to use your security device. To set up your access code, just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Log in to Business Internet Banking as usual, and select 'Set up Access Code' from the home screen.
  2. Create your code, and authenticate it using your Security Device.
  3. Get confirmation that your code has been created.

Once you've set up your Access Code, you can use it immediately and you'll no longer need your Security Device to log in to the app. All you need to enter is your Access Code and the password you use to log in to Internet Banking

Get the HSBC UK Business Banking app

Contact us

For queries about Business Internet Banking, please call:

0345 602 2014

If you're overseas, please call:

+44 1792 496 941

Lines are open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

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